Reiki treatment relieves my pain.


I had a distance Reiki treatment last week with Debra. I was working away from home, on my own, in a different city and I started to experience pain in my lower abdomen which I would describe as doubling me over in pain at a pain level of 9-10/10
I have had a previous similar less intense pain before due to diverticulosis some years prior and normally look after my health by eating healthy meals and back then I had an in person Reiki treatment with Debra on that occasion and the pain went away very quickly from the treatment and I never thought about it again until this week and I didn’t hesitate to contact Debra to ask for a distance Reiki treatment. I noticed the pain took a little longer to improve greatly this time as it was more severe this time I felt, but noticed throughout the day while I was resting that I progressively improved until I was well enough to go to back to work the following day with only minor pain.
When I arrived back in the same city as Debra the next evening I had an in person Reiki treatment with Debra and I noticed that the pain improved very quickly and I had another treatment the next evening and the pain improved even more and went away very quickly.
I have had many Reiki treatments for pain relief from Debra over the years and I have had great results.

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