BerryRadical Antioxidant Superfood

Strawberries are one of the nine most potent, antioxidant, superfoods in the world and it is only by eating certified organic strawberries that you will receive the nutritious benefits from them.

Strawberries and Heart Health was recently highlighted by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai where he shared the results from CytoSolve’s Molecular Systems Biology Analysis of the Strawberry and its effects on the Cardiovascular System in his video. Please click here to watch this video. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is a world-renowned engineer, scientist, educator, entrepreneur, and author. He holds four engineering degrees from MIT including his PhD in Biological Engineering. He is a Fulbright Scholar, Westinghouse Science Honours Awardee, Nominee for the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, and has published in major peer-reviewed journals such as IEEE, Nature Neuroscience, CELL’s Biophysical Journal.

Certified Organic Strawberries

  • Free of pesticides
  • Taste better
  • More nutrition
  • Higher in vitamin C, phenolic compounds, potassium, phosphorous and antioxidants
  • Better for the soil and environment
  • Freeze dried Strawberries FDS (certified organic) are an alternative to fresh strawberries

BerryRadical Antioxidant Superfood

BerryRadical is Certified Organic with a delicious combination of nine of the world’s most potent, antioxidant, superfoods. This tasty, high potency formulation gives you the antioxidant of equivalent eight servings of fruit and vegetables in every teaspoon.

Ingredients: certified organic raw unrefined cacao powder, dried coffee fruit extract, certified organic sea buckthorn fruit extract, certified organic freeze-dried pomegranate powder, certified organic maqui berry powder, certified organic freeze-dried acai berry powder, certified organic freeze-dried blueberry powder, certified organic freeze-dried raspberry powder, certified organic freeze-dried strawberry powder.

ORAC, short for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, is a standardised measurement of the total antioxidant power of a substance. Antioxidant power is the ability to neutralise oxygen free radicals. The more free radicals a substance can absorb, the higher it’s ORAC score. Seven servings of fruits or vegetables provides approximately 3500 ORAC units. One 3.5g teaspoon serving of Berry Radical contains over 4000 ORAC units! One 105g pack contains 123,375 ORAC units.

Superfoods & Plant Based Supplements 

  • FTYO Certified Organic 100% Plant based 60 capsules contain No synthetic ingredients. Made from 100% superfood plant extracts that provide Vitamins.
  • InLiven Superfood contains the complete Lactobacillus family of 13 strains combined with 26 certified organic whole foods.
  • BerryRadical Antioxidant Superfood is Certified Organic with a delicious combination of nine of the world’s most potent, antioxidant, superfoods.
  • Deep Green Alkalising Superfood is made from the freeze-dried juices from the world’s most potent sources of greens, Deep Green Alkalising is 100% raw, gluten-free, vegan and certified organic.
  • Fast-Tract is a probiotic liquid that contains the full spectrum of Lactobacilli and is gluten-free.
  • mV25 – Momentum to Move was formulated using the CytoSolve® computational systems biology platform – a technology for Precision and Personalized Medicine – invented by Dr.SHIVA at MIT. This formulation results from computing billions of potential combinations to discover an optimal synergy of compounds that downregulate the biomarkers of pain and inflammation molecular pathways integrated from thousands of peer-reviewed scientific papers across 4 decades in 68 research institutions.
  • CYTOSOLVE CASE STUDY: VASHIVA, LLC: Joint pain is the most prominent and disabling symptom of arthritis. Arthritic pain is associated with inferior functional outcomes and reduced quality of life compared to other chronic conditions. An integrative in silico – computational model –  of joint health is developed to predict the effect of phytonutrients on five biomarkers of joint health, namely, PGE-2, TRPV1, CGRP, COX-2 and reactive oxygen species. A formulation of two bioflavonoids was identified, tested, and optimized for its efficacy on the biomarkers of joint health. The results from the CytoSolve in silico modeling demonstrate that ingredients in this formulation synergistically alleviate joint pain by lowering PGE-2, TRPV1, CGRP, COX-2 and reactive oxygen species. The formulation is currently marketed under the brand name mV25.

Your Body, Your System™

  • Your Body, Your System™ is a powerful software tool to know your body as a system created by Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD.
  • Systems Health®  was developed by Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, the Inventor of Email is a breakthrough curriculum based on the findings from his paper. The curriculum is has been organised as a set of video lectures accessible to people of varying disciplines, be they are medical doctors, nurses, alternative medical practitioners or anyone interested in improving their health. Systems Health demonstrates that the ancient yogis and rishis of India were not just religious gurus but they were actually systems scientists. And though they spoke a language which may seem foreign to the western world, their language has a one-to-one correspondence with the principles of control systems engineering.
  • Video: Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai Explains Systems Health

Published scientific research on GMOs


Most people are tired and confused of all the fad diets. The Your Body Your System software developed by Dr Shiva helps you understand the principles of health and well-being, beyond those diets. There is no “magic bullet” diet for anyone. We are each UNIQUE. Every Food is not good for every Body. There is a better way to take care of yourself, and you will learn to see the connection between what you’re eating and how your feeling.

You will gain confidence in recognising the UNIQUE nature of you, versus following the latest “expert” or “guru.” and their diets. Because everyone is unique, the Your Body Your System tool helps you to develop the courage to accept that, which is a scientific truth. Eating the right things for you is different than being on a diet. Systems Health® is merging eastern and western knowledge about optimal health not a fad diet or workout.

When trained on the Your Body Your System software tool based on viewing the body through the perspective of systems theory. This software will allow you to analyse your body’s set point, and where you may be out of balance. The program generates recommendations – both nutritional and for appropriate activities – designed to help bring you back into balance.

Your Body Your System Software will help you find out what kind of system you are. Discover if you are on course or off course. Learn how specific foods, exercises and supplements affect your system. It enables you to use your own body as a laboratory to understand the principles of all systems.
Your Body, Your System will teach you that it’s not about “perfection”, but about commitment to a Goal. To achieve a goal, it’s about constant awareness of the output of your actions and constant adjustment of inputs to your system, much like how the thermostat in your home works. This gives you the ability to Know Your Natural Body State, have unlimited checkups to Know when You are not YOU, and get recommendations on food, exercise, and supplements to bring YOU back to YOU.

Please note, this is not a medical or diagnostic tool.  This is an educational tool for you to realise the systems nature of your body.  You should consult a qualified medical practitioner before you start any food or diet program.

I have been trained on this incredible technology as a Certified Systems Health® Educator with a Systems Health® Masters Certification and Foundations of Systems Certification.

Please feel free to contact me for further information by Clicking Here for email.

Kind Regards,
Debra McIntosh

Certified Systems Health® Educator

Systems Health® Masters Certificate

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