Specialised skincare products, known for their repairing and revitalising properties.

Protect & Repair Balm: Cosmos Natural and Australian Made. Protect, repair and soothe your skin with this remarkable balm. This essential skin saviour soothes cracked, dry skin and is often referred to as a ‘liquid bandage’ as it seals and heals the skin. Use anywhere your skin is in need of rescuing from dryness, dehydration, flaking, cracking, chaffing and damage. It may be used on your face or body. Suitable for all members of the family it is a must-have for every household. Potent natural remedies of dragon’s blood, everlasting, chamomile, calendula, shea butter and zinc combine to protect, repair and soothe your skin.

Fix It Aromatherapy Balm

Fix It Aromatherapy Balm: Cosmos Natural and Australian Made. Care for your weathered skin and protect it from further wear and tear with potent pure essential oils of tea tree, lavender and calendula. Prevent the introduction of any nasties to the site with beeswax, a natural protective layer in this soothing balm.

Perfect Potion was founded in 1991 by qualified Aromatherapists, Naturopaths and Acupuncturists, Salvatore Battaglia and Carolyn Stubbin. Born from a passion for natural therapies, Perfect Potion is an Australian, family-owned pioneer in the creation of unique, sustainable, certified natural and organic aromatherapy and skin care preparations. Perfect Potion unique aromatherapy skin care is enriched with pure essential oils, Australian botanicals and nutrient-dense Australian super fruits to nourish and rejuvenate your skin to its most healthy, glowing state.

Healing Blend: A unique and powerful blend of oils to help heal and protect the skin. Containing pure vegetable oils, a beautiful blend of healing essential oils, as well as active vitamins, this synergistic blend is extremely effective across a wide range of skin conditions. Use as an after-care oil for waxing, dermabrasion and laser treatments, as well as a useful aftershave. This is a simple, convenient and daily product to help skin heal and repair.

Essential Therapeutics Organic Facial Oil 50ml

Organic Facial Oil: A nourishing blend of the finest organic oils, rich in essential fatty acids and more. Mimicking the make-up of natural skin oil (sebum), Pure Facial Oil is a perfect “all round” cosmeceutical blend. Use as is, or with essential oils, for various skin conditions, skin regeneration, facial treatments and so on. A therapeutic blend of the pure, certified organic oils of Hemp Seed, Apricot Kernel, Evening Primrose, Jojoba, Avocado and Macadamia. To this we have added an extremely pure, liquid carbon dioxide extract of Calendula flowers and Amiox.

Essential Therapeutics began in 1988 as the first professional-only range of essential oils and related products, specifically for use by trained complementary therapists and health care professionals. Essential Therapeutics essential oils and products are manufactured and bottled in their own TGA-approved facility, and the code of Good Manufacturing Practice and Quality Assurance are strictly upheld. As the biggest importer of essential oils in the southern hemisphere, and working directly with growers and distillers around the world, Essential Therapeutics can guarantee the purity and authenticity of the world-class oils they produce. Essential Therapeutics stores their vegetable oils under nitrogen to prevent oxidation, giving you the freshest possible product. Their Quality Assurance procedures ensure that you receive the highest quality product, suitable for massage therapy, aromatherapy and natural, regenerative skin care.

Repair Skin Certified Organic 100ml

Repair Skin Certified Organic: A naturally antiseptic and soothing blend to support and protect the skin. Suitable for young and old. Ready to use on skin. Skin care for cuts, wounds, sores, bruises, burns and nappy rash.

Absolute Essential are 100% organic, premium quality essential plant oil products of the highest therapeutic value, sourced and processed sustainably and expertly crafted with your health in mind.  Dr Bo Hendgen, founder and CEO of Absolute Essential, has almost 40 years’ experience in natural medicine.

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