Selenite Crystals

Selenite Crystals are translucent in appearance with course ribbing. Also known as Satin Spar which has fine ribbing.

There are many different types such as lamps, points, pyramids, tumbled, polished or natural pieces available.

Colours available are pure white, orange, blue, brown or green.

  • Known as a calm stone.
  • Its calming energy makes it ideal for meditation and spiritual work.
  • A large piece placed in the house is said to ensure a peaceful atmosphere.
  • It dispels and clears negative energy in its environment and never needs cleansing.
  • Its protective properties make it ideal to use in crystal grids around the home.
  • Bowls and Plates are Perfect for cleansing other crystals.
  • Palm stones are used for meditation.
  • It should never be immersed in water as it dissolves when wet.

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