Your Body Your System


Your Body, Your System™ is a powerful software tool to know your body as a system by Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD.

Purchase a Student License to Your Body, Your System® Includes:

  • One Student License to Your Body, Your System® worth $104 to use on your own computer whenever you want to perform check ups to find out where your system is today.
  • One Free Training Session worth $50 on Skype with Debra McIntosh, Certified Systems Health® Educator (Systems Health® Masters Certificate).
  • VA Shiva Ayyadurai – Natural Awakenings Article as a pdf document.
  • Your Body, Your System® Student Information Report pdf document.
  • 20 Common Herbs and Spices Effect on Your Body, Your System:  A pdf document guide to understanding how herbs and spices affect Transport, Conversion and Storage.
  • Additional Training Sessions can be purchased for $50 per session if required.
  • Please note:  this is not a medical or diagnostic tool.  This is an educational tool for you to realise the systems nature of your body.  You should consult a qualified medical practitioner before you start any food or diet program.
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