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Selenite has a high to exceptionally high vibration.

  • One of the most powerful vibrational crystals.
  • Chakra correspondences:  Crown, soul star, stellar gateway and beyond.
  • It is said to access angelic consciousness and brings divine light in.
  • White Selenite is an exceptional auric cleanser.
  • Known as a calm stone.
  • Its calming energy makes it ideal for meditation and spiritual work.
  • A large piece placed in the house is said to ensure a peaceful atmosphere.
  • It dispels and clears negative energy in its environment and never needs cleansing.
  • Its protective properties make it ideal to use in crystal grids around the home.
  • Bowls and Plates are Perfect for cleansing other crystals.
  • Palm stones are used for meditation.
  • It should never be immersed in water as it dissolves when wet.
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