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About Our Roll On Essential Oils

Harmonise your mind, body and spirit on the go with our conveniently portable range of essential oil roll ons. Engaging in aromatherapy throughout the day is a highly effective way to realign your energy, allowing for improved mood, focus, clarity, and alignment when you need it most. The aromatherapy pulse points range are made from angelic pure essential oils and can be worn as a natural, divinely scented perfume.

They promote an uplifting sense of peace, harnessing the healing properties of nature. After gently applying the essential oil roll ons to your body at pulse points, the blissful aromas will linger on your skin to soothe and improve your mood and elevate your spirit. Pulse points are areas with a higher concentration of blood vessels.

Rolling our Aromatherapy Pulse Points into these areas allows for essential oils to more readily absorb into your skin and circulate throughout your body, allowing you to sense their beneficial effects. In order to experience the optimal benefits of our essential oil roll ons, we recommend applying our aromatherapy roll-ons to your pulse points at the surface of your wrists, temples, neck, behind the knees, or at the crease of your elbows.

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