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Lemurian Quartz has an exceptionally high vibration.

It cleanses and activates all chakras and the central channel.

Pink Lemurian Seed Crystals are quartz crystals covered by a thin layer of iron oxide, with patterns of lines on one or more of their sides that almost resemble a barcode.

The ladder like striations are known as the Stairway to Heaven.  These crystals are said to be coded with Lemurian vibrations.

Large Crystals are quite rare.

It is said that these crystals were programmed and planted by people from the ancient civilization of Lemuria, contemporaries of Atlantis, who were nature-based and more peaceful and highly spiritually developed than the Atlanteans. Their intention was to store their spiritual knowledge in the crystals so that this knowledge could be accessed when future residents of Earth were ready to receive it.

One activates a Lemurian Seed Crystal by meditating with it and gently rubbing a finger along the lines on the side of the crystal. This facilitates connecting with the Lemurian energy grid, which is said to connect the Earth with other planets, stars and dimensions.

The lesson taught by the Lemurians through these crystals is that we – every being in the Universe – are all one. We embrace our individuality and understand the oneness of all, at once. The beauty of this lesson is that in the process of learning it, we inevitably work through all of our problems.

Lemurian Seed Crystals teach us how to dream consciously and to be conscious of our multidimensional selves.