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Jade is known as a dream stone, believed to attract good fortune and used for protection.

Nephrite Jade is a Calcium Magnesium Iron Silicate Hydroxide.

By far the most celebrated stories of jade belong to China, where it has been prized and revered for more than six thousand years. Wars have been fought over it, and whole cities have been traded for it. However jade nephrite has also played a significant role in other cultures, including the New Zealand Maoris and ancient Neolithic cultures.

Nephrite jade is a stone of the heart chakra, which imbues a sense of balance, calm and serenity, and encourages self-realization. It assists in calming the mind by relieving it of negative thoughts, and similarly acts as a protective talisman by helping to remove harmful energies from one’s proximity.

The Chinese recognized Nephrite Jade as an agent of balance and harmony – of self, of positive and negative polarities, and of relationships. It is often given as an engagement gift between couples, or as a sign of friendship.