Probiotics have been shown to enhance immunity as approximately 85% of the immune system resides in the gut.
Lactobacilli are the ‘friendly’ bacteria that your body needs to promote good digestive health. A healthy intestinal tract should contain at least 85% ‘friendly’ bacteria to prevent over-colonisation of disease-causing microorganisms which result in a large number of ailments from digestive disorders and painful joint inflammation to susceptibility to colds and flu.

FastTract and InLiven are the result of intensive research and development into the key nutritional needs for optimal health and vitality. They have been formulated for maximum potency and assimilation to assist the body to move to its highest expression of health.

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ORG FastTract Gluten-free Probiotic Liquid

The new advanced  formula of Fast Tract with a longer fermentation period now contains, Prebiotics, Probiotics and Postbiotics. The longer fermentation has substantially increased the probiotic and postbiotic quantity as well as adding substantial postbiotics.  The metabolites from probiotics which are called amongst other things post-biotics are bio-active compounds that are extremely rich in enzymes, vitamins B & K,  amino acids, short chain fatty acids and substances called antimicrobial peptides that help to slow down the growth of harmful bacteria.

Lactobacilli are the ‘friendly’ bacteria that your body needs to promote good digestive health.


Certified organic mung beans, biodynamic rice, certified organic lentils, certified organic chick peas, certified organic linseed, certified organic alfalfa seed, certified organic millet, certified organic quinoa, certified organic agave, aqua (purified water), naturally occurring probiotic bacteria and symbiotic yeasts

ORG InLiven Probiotic Superfood

InLiven Superfood, based on more than 20 years of research, contains the complete Lactobacillus family of 13 strains combined with 26 certified organic whole foods naturally fermented for 3 weeks prior to bottling.

When consumed, the body is able to instantly assimilate the broad spectrum of nutrients.

InLiven uses an especially grown ‘super breed’ of very strong Lactobacilli designed to reach your digestion tract intact so they can do you the best.

Unlike some other probiotics, the bacteria used by InLiven is produced from fruits and vegetables and not fast-tracked from faecal matter.


certified organic spirulina, certified organic rolled oats, certified organic brown rice, certified organic wheat grain, certified organic barley grain, certified organic linseed, certified organic mung beans, certified organic chick peas, certified organic adzuki beans, certified organic red lentils, certified organic wheat grass, certified organic barley grass, certified organic alfalfa grass, certified organic red kidney beans, certified organic beetroot, certified organic sweet potato, certified organic string beans, certified organic zucchini, certified organic cabbage, certified organic silver beet, certified organic spinach, certified organic chinese cabbage, certified organic asparagus, certified organic broccoli, certified organic malt extract, certified organic molasses, naturally occurring probiotic bacteria and symbiotic yeasts

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