7 Natural Gift Set Ideas from Divine Empress.

1. Candle Gift Sets

Beeswax candles made in Australia from local Australian beeswax, Hand crafted, Cotton Wicks with no metal, No palm oil & No canola oil (GMO), No chemicals used in cleaning beeswax. Important for the health of you and your family when burning candles.

Beautiful natural candle light to fill your spaces. Beeswax candles are thought to be a natural ioniser to help clean the air. Enjoy the sweet honey aroma, gentle for most sensitive noses.

2. Body Care Gift Sets

Zuii Organic products are Australian Made, Certified Organic and free of any toxic chemicals, Parabens, GMO Ingredients, Petrochemicals, Talc or Nano Particles. Not tested on animals & Cruelty Free with Vegan Options.

3. Skin Care & Beauty Gift Sets

Zuii Organic professional makeup is Certified Organic, Made from flowers, Food grade, Australian Made & Owned, Preservative free, No petrochemicals or parabens, No talc or GM ingredients, No nano particles, Not tested on animals & Cruelty Free with Vegan options.

4. Crystal Gift Sets

Wish Bags and Zodiac Bags are packaged in an Organza bag containing 3 natural crystals and information. Available in 24 different types.

No. 5 Affirmation, Tarot & Oracle Card Sets

No. 6 Eco Home Gift Sets

Urban Greens Grow Your Own Kits.

No. 7 Gift Sets for Children

Our commitment to providing quality products means that we are regularly introducing new products and providing important information to keep you up to date with the latest in Organic Natural Products & Gifts to Enhance your Health, Beauty & Environment.

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Debra McIntosh