Essential Oils: Balancing, Relaxing or Stimulating Properties

The usage of essential oils dates back to as early as 4500 BC. Aromatherapy essential oils are very healing with proven therapeutic actions.  They also smell pleasant with environmental fragrancing benefits.  They can be used at home in Aromatherapy diffusers and vaporisers or topically with base creams, gels and vegetable oils etc. or in baths with Solubilizer etc.

True Aromatherapy essential oils are balancing, relaxing or stimulating with therapeutic properties and trigger positive or negative memories and emotions unique to each person. The time of day, environment, mood, as well choosing an essential oil that they resonate with the scent of will need to be taken into account.

Aromas go through our olfactory system into our limbic system within the brain which deals with emotions, memories and stimulation.  Aromas can trigger memories and emotions associated with them. 

Holistic health works on healing and balancing the mind, body and spirt to be in harmony with each other.  Aromatherapy is able to do this through the skin or inhalation methods where essential oils circulate through the bloodstream to all the cells in the body.

Aromatherapy essential oils are pure plant based extracts used in Aromatherapy skincare products and diffusers etc. whereas fragrance oils are usually part synthetically made, an aromatic chemical compound that has no healing properties and are primarily used for scenting goods in a lot of skincare products, cosmetics, perfumes, candles and soap etc. A lot of essential oils are marketed as pure when they are actually fragrance oils instead.

Essential oils are highly concentrated and volatile and must be stored upright, well-sealed in dark glass bottle, not plastic and out of the reach of children.  Electromagnetic radiation, air, moisture, exposure to heat above 50 Degrees C, and sunlight will affect the oils with loss of potency.


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  • Amrita Court has one of the strongest technical teams in Australia.  Chief Aromatherapist, Ron Guba and his team brought in over 40+ years of research and practical experiences in formulating essential oil blends for holistic health and skincare.
  • Ron is Australia’s leading authority and proponent of aromatherapy and aromatic medicine. He has studied and practised therapeutic use of essential oils and nature extracts as a form of potent herbal medicine since 1980’s.
  • Ron was a founding member and past Chairman of International Federation of Aromatherapists (Australia).  He has also lectured extensively throughout Australia and internationally on aromatic medicine, truly natural cosmetic principles and various other complementary medicine topics.
  • They use pesticide-free ingredients and wild gather whichever more appropriate for production.
  • All products are derived from natural ingredients and cruelty free.
  • Produced in facilities that are GMP, ISO22000 & HACCP Warranty.
  • Essential oils are sourced from the origin farm from all over the world ensuring purity.  Amrita Court produces organic oils but due to the reach of our supply chain we are not certified yet.
  • Essential oils are 100% pure and natural, undiluted with no fillers, bases or additives.
  • Extraction process varies depending on plant by steam distillation, CO2 extraction and or by cold-pressing.

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Debra McIntosh

Certified Systems Health® Educator (Systems Health® Masters Certificate)

Gold Coast QLD Australia


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