Essential Oil Blends for Diffusers – Baby and Child

Diffuser essential oil blends mindfully crafted for therapeutic benefits for use in Aromatherapy Diffusers.

Absolute Essential 100% organic, premium quality essential plant oil products of the highest therapeutic value, sourced and processed sustainably and expertly crafted with your health in mind.  Dr Bo Hendgen, founder and CEO of Absolute Essential, has almost 40 years’ experience in natural medicine.

Amrita Court essential oils blends are expertly formulated 100% pure and natural, undiluted with no fillers, bases or additives.  Chief Aromatherapist, Ron Guba is Australia’s leading authority and proponent of aromatherapy and aromatic medicine, a founding member and past Chairman of International Federation of Aromatherapists (Australia).

Perfect Potion Over 30 years of sustainably sourcing the highest quality essential oils has established Perfect Potion as the leading supplier in aromatherapy. Masterfully crafted by expert aromatherapist Salvatore Battaglia, these essential oil blends are mindfully crafted for therapeutic benefits.

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