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Angel Aura Quartz

Angel Aura Quartz is known as a stone of happy dreams. It is said to help communication with angels, connection to the stars and accessing Akashic records. At a spiritual level, quartz is said to raise energy to the highest possible level. Angel Aura Quartz is created when Clear Quartz Crystals are super heated in a vacuum and infused with vaporised minerals which bond to the crystal.  Metal – Silver, Titanium, Platinum.

Aqua Aura Quartz

Aqua Aura Quartz is known as a spiritual stone to enhance communication. It has peaceful and calm qualities making it perfect for meditation. It is said to protect against psychic attack and enhances the qualities of other crystals. At a spiritual level, quartz is said to raise energy to the highest possible level. These are natural Quartz terminations, which have been exposed to gold at extremely high heat. The gold has vaporised and bonded with the surface of the crystal. The effect of this alchemical process is to turn the crystal blue.

Golden Healer Quartz

This is a natural Golden Healer Quartz point. Known as a master healer. It is said to be used for long distance spiritual communication. At a spiritual level, quartz is said to raise energy to the highest possible level.

Pink Lemurian Quartz

This is a natural pink Lemurian Quartz point.

Pink Lemurian Seed Crystals are quartz crystals covered by a thin layer of iron oxide, with patterns of lines on one or more of their sides that almost resemble a barcode.

It is said that these crystals were programmed and planted by people from the ancient civilization of Lemuria, contemporaries of Atlantis, who were nature-based and more peaceful and highly spiritually developed than the Atlanteans. Their intention was to store their spiritual knowledge in the crystals so that this knowledge could be accessed when future residents of Earth were ready to receive it.

One activates a Lemurian Seed Crystal by meditating with it and gently rubbing a finger along the lines on the side of the crystal. This facilitates connecting with the Lemurian energy grid, which is said to connect the Earth with other planets, stars and dimensions. At a spiritual level, quartz is said to raise energy to the highest possible level.


Selenite is known to be one of the most powerful vibrational crystals with a calming energy. It is an excellent crystal for meditation or spiritual work. Selenite is said to open the crown and higher crown chakras and access higher guidance. It dispels and clears negative energy in its environment and never needs cleansing. It should never be immersed in water as it dissolves when wet.

Tibetan Smoky Quartz

Tibetan Smoky Quartz is known as a grounding and protective stone. It is said to have energy grounding, clearing and balancing qualities which promote positivity, clear insight and concentration. Having a strong link to the base chakra. As a protector it is said to absorb electromagnetic smog and neutralise negative vibrations. These are natural Tibetan Smoky Quartz Points.

Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz is said to engender a joyful and playful energy which activates and harmonises the sacral chakra. This is a natural Tangerine Quartz Point. At a spiritual level, quartz is said to raise energy to the highest possible level.

Tangerine Quartz derives its name from its vibrant orange colour. It is a clear quartz covered in a layer of hematite, an iron based mineral, which has oxidized causing the vivid and beautiful orange hues.

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