Clear Quartz Crystal is known as the master healer. It has the ability to clear blockages and amplify energy, making it perfect to use for psychic development.

Clear quartz is often one of the best crystals to start with in your crystal collection. Natural Clear Quartz comes in a crystal clear through to cloudy and more opaque looking qualities.

Quartz is said to bring the body into balance, removes blockages & toxins and reattunes the body’s inner vibrational structure. It Corresponds with all chakras: purifies and expands the auric field.


Clear Quartz Points are perfect to use on their own in a clear quartz crystal amplifying grid or they can also be used in combination with other crystals such as Rose Quartz for love, Citrine for abundance or Black Tourmaline for protection.

Crystal Grids can be created with your intuition. Try placing crystals in patterns that resemble sacred geometry shapes like the seed of life or flower of life.


Clear Quartz Clusters are used for meditation by placing them on a table in front of you while you are meditating. They are also used to cleanse other smaller crystals by laying them on the clear quartz cluster. Place a small crystal on a Clear Quartz Cluster overnight.

Palm Stones

Palm Stones can be held in one of your hands while meditating or by placing on your body while you are lying down.

A small Clear Quartz Tumbled Crystal can be used when working with the crown chakra or during meditation.


The simplest way to enjoy the benefits of crystals is to wear them in jewellery. Gemstones have been used for millennia in jewellery.

Gem Trees

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